Special Education

Introduction to Special Educational Needs


So, this may be an extremely useful article covering frequently asked questions to do with special educational needs.  Areas covered include how to tell if your child has special needs, the law and special needs, school policy and the implications of the different stages your child may be placed at.  This article is a must for all parents embarking on getting their child’s special needs identified and provided for.

All children are special

All children have needs and many children experience some type of difficulty at school during their educational careers. One in five of them will need some kind of extra help at school at some time.

This series of articles aims to help you as parents do your best for your child. It aims to show you how the partnership between parents and teachers can work well when they work together. It will also highlight the roles of the other professionals that may also need to be involved.

The Law and Special Educational Needs

The Government tell the schools and your Local Education Authority (LEA) what is expected from them. They have to give regard to “The Code of Practice”. It should be possible for you to see a copy of the Code of Practice at your child’s school. You can also send for a copy for your own reference from the DfEE. (see address below)

The Code of Practice

The Code of Practice is a set of guidelines, showing your school and LEA how they should identify, assess and then provide for your child’s Special Educational Needs. The Code identifies various Stages. Once your child has reached Stage 5 of the Code they will receive a Statement of Special Educational Needs. All parties concerned will review this every year. As a parent you have the right to be consulted throughout the whole of the process

Schools policy

All schools in your LEA will follow the same procedures. They will all have written Special Needs policies. These describe how they endeavour to help children with Special Educational Needs. It is a requirement that all schools produce a prospectus and somewhere in it there will be information about their special needs policy. All schools are required to have a SENCO and s/He will be able to give you a copy of the policy.