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February 2015

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What is the Note in Lieu?


Now you will find out what a Note in Lieu actually is and what the implications of it are.  Outlined are what will have happened to get to this stage in the special needs process, with future actions parents are entitled to take.

What is the Note in Lieu? 

When your child reaches Stage 4 they will be assessed.  As explained before, not all children go on to have a Statement of Special Educational Needs.  If this is the case, the LEA may issue a Note in Lieu.  This is a document that will describe the nature of your child’s Special Educational Needs and will explain why the LEA has decided not to give your child a Statement.  It will outline the help that your school is expected to provide for your child.

note in lieu

All of the advice that was used to make the decision will be sent along with the Note in Lieu.  Your schools SENCO, Head teacher and your child’s class teacher will have access to the information, as will any other professional that is engaged in working with your child.  The information ensures that all parties concerned in the delivery of education to your child are aware of the special needs your child has.

There will still be regular meetings to discuss your child’s progress and they will remain on the schools Special Educational Needs register.  The process does not stop.  There is still the opportunity for the school to make recommendations to the LEA.  If you feel unhappy about the provision, there may be grounds to appeal. You can appeal to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal.